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Name: Edelenbos, Peter
Professions: Researcher, teacher, consultant
Works for his own company Effective Educational Language Services

Key Qualifications

Mr. Edelenbos started his career as a teacher in primary and secondary education. During his education in university he specialized in research, policy studies and curriculum development. He gained substantial experience in educational research. Over a period of 20 years he was a junior and senior researcher at the renowned Institute for Educational Research, university of Groningen and he is a consultant for the Netherlands Language Academy. At present he works as an independent consultant for his own firm “Effective Educational Language Services” (E2;LS). Besides these two positions he is associated with the Language Education Foundation.

He has substantial experience in conducting European cooperation projects funded by the European Commission (Comenius and Lingua). Furthermore, several times he was employed by the European Commission as an evaluator of tenders and reports. In the recent years he has worked for international organisations like the World Bank, given training courses for teachers and conducted several research projects.
His main interests are: foreign language learning and teaching, innovations, assessment of programs and educational systems, internationalization of education, innovative teaching programs at primary and secondary level, education abroad, effectiveness of education and teacher training. Mr. Edelenbos has published about these subjects in reports, books and national and international acclaimed journals.


1974 - 1977
Teacher Training College

1978 - 1984
M.A. Educational Science University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Ph.D. University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Experience Record:

Teacher at the International Program ‘Masters in Education’, teaching about foreign languages, theory and practice of the curriculum.

Advisor of the European Platform, Alkmaar The Netherlands.

Co-director of the Netherlands Language Academy, Maastricht, Holland. Tasks: acquisition, quality control and project management.

Consultant for the Netherlands Language Academy, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Tasks: acquisition of teacher training and consultancy.

Evaluator of proposals submitted within the main EC program for education and training SOCRATES.

Senior researcher, GION, Institute for Educational Research, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Research projects concern: internationalization of education, innovative teaching programs at primary and secondary level, foreign language teaching, education abroad, effectiveness of education, teacher training.

Private lecturer, teaching effectiveness of education, instructional behavior, theory and practice of the curriculum

Junior researcher RION, responsible for research projects concerning English in primary and secondary education, Dutch as mother tongue, mathematics, examinations and curriculum evaluation.

Lecturer instructional effectiveness and design of education and training

Advisor Foundation Dutch Education abroad on education in the Dutch language and culture abroad.

Author of modules for the in-service training of head masters in primary education

Member of the commission for the development of core goals for English in primary education

Evaluator of in-service training courses and assistant in the Curriculum Evaluation and Decision making - project.

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